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You're Meant For Something More But Your Creative Genius Feels More Like A Hinderance Than A Help! Let's Change That Shall We?


The procrastination that you've been experiencing is not because you're not brilliant, it's because you've got so many ideas that you feel stuck and stagnated on which to move forward with. In our time together you'll have more clarity than you've had in over a year.


Maybe you've tried selling or sharing about what you do only to be met with lackluster and confused responses. Explaining what you do is only the tip of the iceberg when creating your irresistible brand. Together we'll craft your story and get you confident in sharing what you do without tripping over your words.


Because you're so talented you feel like you can save the world and help everyone, but from experience you notice this approach isn't working. Together we'll help you identify your right audience and discover what it is they really want from you so that you can share your gifts in an authentic, cohesive, and succinct way.


You want to offer so much, and you definitely could, but I'll help you gain clarity on a logical progression on what products and/or services you can offer to your tribe as well as the types of free content you can share to increase engagement, leverage your gifts and passion to make a difference, and start making sales.

So What Will You Be Receiving In Your Coaching Package?

Three 60-minute Strategy Sessions that will help you get clarity on your business, peace of mind, and confidence in launching your business plus...
Discover Your Why

Your Why is the linking thread of your passions in your business, and I've developed a unique way to help pull it out of you so that you can move forward in your business with confidence and excitement.

Discover Your Who

You'll finally have a step-by-step way of validating your audience and what you have to offer so that you know specifically who it is your passions, talents, and gifts are meant to serve.

Decide On Your Where

You'll finally be able to stop spinning your wheels on trying to figure out where you should be marketing and sharing about your products and services and finally have clarity on which avenues best suite your gifts, strengths, and resources.

Know Your What

We'll work together to help you finally know what you do, what you actually sell, as well as the best business model for your business moving forward.

Create Your How

You'll finally know how it is you specifically serve your customers and clients with your paid offerings and you'll feel confident in offering your products and services to those who want it.

Know When To Do What

You'll finally feel confident in knowing that you are taking inspired and right actions steps to move you and your dream business forward.

About your Coach

I'm Rachael Alexander, Artist & Mosaic Soul Mentor (part brand strategist, part business & life coach, part spiritual teacher and health coach). I partner with multipassionate spiritual entrepreneurs to help them discover their true essence and combine their passions in a way that translates into a magnetic brand and business that makes their hearts sing and also make a profit. We work together to align, design, and launch their magnetic brands into the world with beauty and ease. If you’re ready to craft a magnetic and soul-filled business, create a purpose-driven brand, and make a difference with your multipassionate nature then I’m your gal!

I specialize in infusing spirituality, combining your passions, and achieving results in your business. So if you are multipassionate, a spiritual goddess or god, and an action taker then working with me will help you move in the direction of your heart and have fun while doing it.

This Is What You’ll Get In

The Soulful Business Clarity Sessions

You'll receive a Welcome Packet & 3 60-minute Breakthrough Strategy Sessions + An Addition 60-minute Coaching Call within 90 Days of Purchase

You'll Receive My Soulful Business Clarity Blueprint which is packed full of worksheets, PDF summaries, checklists, homework, and audio files....To help you pin down all the pieces necessary to launch your business.

You'll also receive a Clarity Business Chart, a 60-90 Business Action Plan, & a list of my Business Resources

What Mosaic Souls are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I hired Rachael Alexander as a business coach to try to pull all my ideas for my business together into one cohesive space on the internet.It was a wonderful experience, which got a lot of things worked out and started for me. Truly she is wonderful!

Soulful Biz Clarity Sessions”....So aptly named.Clarity is the key word to describe working with Rachael Alexander.I had so many businesses and opportunities swimming around in my head. Great ideas great online tools. The tools I was getting from other people were far ahead of where I was. Do I build contacts or content? Which biz? Can I put it all in one biz? I just saw myself with a bunch of jigsaw puzzle pieces.When I did the Soulful Biz Clarity Sessions with Rachael Alexander, she made me see the order of operations. She showed me how to make money now while building my larger plan in the background. Like magic, Ms. Alexander fit all my jigsaw puzzle pieces together so they made a clear picture. Clarity, like magic.”

Roni Walker (
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

When I saw that Rachael was offering this great service I jumped at the chance to work with her!

You are an absolute pleasure to work with. Your attention to detail and to put me at ease was amazing. I knew what my vision was and what I wanted to portray. I had the tools, but it was hard for me to know how to put it together, and you were able to put it together with me. Thank you so much, I appreciate you and your energy! It has helped me a lot.

Sharon Johnson (
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Rachael is an invaluable asset to any business

To grow your business, you must attract people to your business or website. Rachael Alexander was able to understand my business and my ideal client and develop an amazing marketing presence and website. The creative website is not only attractive and appealing with easy navigation, but provides value to potential clients through informative and desirable downloads. The marketing campaign designed to capture emails enables me to proactively solicit potential clients and grow my business. Rachael is an invaluable asset to any business.

Mary Taylor Carr (
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Rachael has helped me to tap into my authenticity more deeply and I feel that my creativity and work is more soul and heart centered.

Plus the bonus is I’m shedding many old paradigms that no longer serve me. As a result I have developed my branding which has resonated with my tribe and I have relaunched my website and social profiles with a 100% increase to my mailing list! Also I love the way Rachael is always there with supportive words and biz love for her clients. This entrepreneurial journey can be lonely, but at least you know Rachael has got your back – spiritually and entrepreneurially.

Desiree Banugo (

Is this Coaching Package Right for You?

This coaching package isn't right for everyone, let me help you further clarify if its a right fit for you...


  • You're a spiritual creative entrepreneur who takes 100% responsibility for your life and business results
  • You believe in the law of attraction and that you create your own reality
  • You're a multipassionate aspiring entrepreneur ready to take inspired action to gain massive clarity and confidence to start your business
  • You truly believe it's possible to be all of you and do all of you in your business in an authentic, non-overwhelming, natural, and easy way


  • You don't believe business is a spiritual journey, and you believe in a scarcity way of doing business and don't trust yourself enough to find the answers within
  • You believe in quick fixes, not putting in any effort, and blame others for your life situation
  • You don't believe in yourself or your ability to create the life you desire and deserve
  • You're not willing to work with a coach and give it your 100%

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  • ​Welcome Packet
  • 3 Breakthrough Strategy Sessions
  • Clarity Blueprint Homework
  • A list of my business resources
  • Clarity Blueprint Chart
  • 60-90 Day Business Action Plan
  • 1 Check-In Strategy Session


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